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 Richie Rosales (Uncle Richie)

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PostSubject: Richie Rosales (Uncle Richie)   Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:41 am

Very special to my heart, and even harder to let go of was my dear Richie. In 2003, I took the kids to Camp Hakuna Matata. It was the first (and last) HIV camp we had attended. Richie was the camp councelor for the boys. Upon arrival, they didnt want to leave my side, but by lunch they didnt even remember who I was.

Upon returning to Phoenix our friendship grew and we often argued about who adopted whom, but it didnt matter, Richie became "uncle" to my kids and like my brother. He and his wonderful partner Travis spent Christmas with us and cook-outs and birthdays and rollerbladed the AIDS Walk with the boys.

The kids and I attended a going away party for Richie and Travis before they left for Portland. When Richie said goodbye to me that day it was like he knew something. I shook it off then, but cherish our final goodbye so deeply today. Richie slipped away alot like Alex did, so quickly there wasnt time to react.

Richie cared about everyone. He was colorful and had the most contagious smile... and adorable curly black hair! He brought out the best in my kids. Without saying a word about it he taught them to be accepting and loving and not to judge. My family is better because of the short time Richie blessed our lives.

Richie Narvaez Rosales
02/07/63 ~ 03/10/05

Godspeed my brother!!
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Richie Rosales (Uncle Richie)
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